Weight Lifting Gym Gloves – Premium Quality Soft Goat Skin Weightlifting Gloves With Wrist Support

Weight Lifting Gym Gloves - Premium Quality Soft Goat Skin Weightlifting Gloves With Wrist Support
  • HIGHEST QUALITY & COMFORT: Soft goat skin leather gym gloves with stretchable mesh lycra on back of hand for a comfortable fit
  • ADDED WRIST SUPPORT: Wrap around elastic wrist straps will stabilize your wrists when you lift heavy
  • ADVANCED GRIP SUPPORT: Tough padded fourway fabric on palm for increased grip while protecting your hands
  • LONG LASTING: Full double stitching, quality materials and tough palm padding ensures your weight training gloves will take a lot of punishment
  • FREE REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: We stand behind our weight lifting gloves, we use it everyday in our training, and we’re here to help!

Do You Want To Lift Heavy AND Avoid Injuries?

Weight training puts an enormous amount of stress on your hands and wrists. Cue wrist injuries, painful blisters on your palms. Unfortunately most weight lifting gloves feel uncomfortable, does not have the right padding and support or tears quickly.

The solution… The new premium quality gym gloves from Active Iron, perfect for pumping some serious iron.

Active Iron workout gloves give you:

Increased Grip
You DO NOT want your grip to slip when you lift heavy weights, which can happen with most weighlifting gloves due to the smooth palm padding reacting to sweat or water. Our gloves use revolutionary fourway fabric over the palm/grip area to ensure that you have a strong grip on heavy weights.

Maximum Comfort
The high quality goat skin leather will feel luxurious and soft around your hand while the stretchable mesh lycra on the top will wick away sweat. The velcro fastening strap and the elastic wrist wraps will mold the glove to your hand and ensures that it fits like, well, a glove.

Tough And Rugged
The fourway fabric on the palm is an extremely tough piece of material. Add full double stitching and quality leather and these gloves will soak up a lot of punishment!

Added Wrist Support
For extra support and to prevent injuries we have added integrated elastic wrist straps into our gloves. Used them before? Then we know that you will jump at this.

What is your risk?
Nothing. If you are not happy with our product we will refund 100% of your money. Click the Add to Cart button now and get your very own premium workout gloves today!

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