Treadmill Silicone Oil, Lubricant For treadmill decks 250ml

Treadmill Silicone Oil, Lubricant For treadmill decks 250ml
  • Carbusonic Treadmill Lubricant Is 100% pure Silicone Oil, Which is proven to extend the life of your treadmill belt and deck.
  • Can also be used to lubricate you treadmill motor
  • Excellent results on all fitness equipment where silent running is needed
  • 100% non toxic
  • Safe on most materials.

Carbusonic Sil350 Pure Silicone Treadmill Lubrication Oil Designed To Be Compatible With All Belt & Treadmill Materials. Supplied With 5ml Syringe To Add Upto 10x Reduction In Friction To Ensure Smooth Silent Running & And Maximise Machine Life. Nsf & Fda Approved Non Toxic Msds Available Directions Lube Every 100hrs use First Loosen Belt About 10 turns Clean Deck Under Belt With Cloth Lubricate Across Deck Retighten Belt Equally Run Treadmill Slowley To Check Allignment Next Walk On Deck At Slow Pace For 5 Mins Side To Side Re Allign If Needed This Will Extend The Life Of your Belt And Deck

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