Milliard Double-Grip Medicine Ball -2.5KG/6lb.

Milliard Double-Grip Medicine Ball -2.5KG/6lb.
  • 2.5KG/6 lb. medicine ball has built-in handles at the three o’clock and nine o’clock positions for a firm grip during intensive training that involves rotational or explosive movements.
  • Simple to use and easy to integrate into almost any training regimen. Great for use at the gym, in yoga, martial arts, or in your living room.
  • Bounce it, balance on it, lift it, shake it side-to-side – make it a part of your day any way you can and it will reward you with fitness!
  • No moving parts to break, batteries to change or long manuals to read.

The key to proper fitness and healthy living is exercise, and the key to good exercise is actually exercising. We all make excuses to ourselves because exercise is hard – especially when first getting started. “The equipment is expensive,” “I don’t have enough time,” and “it’s too complicated” are all excuses that keep us out of the gym. MILLIARD Medicine Balls don’t contain any actual medicine, but they do cure all of those excuses and can enable a healthy start to fitness in the privacy of your own home. How? Simply pick one up, move it around, and you’ll see! Medicine balls are a great way to increase muscle tone and stamina, and MILLIARD offers them in various weights for progressive resistance training to match your level of fitness. The simple design also provides nearly limitless versatility when integrating a medicine ball into your exercise regimen. Grip the MILLIARD Double-Grip Medicine Ball during push-ups for an explosive arm and pectoral workout, or simply grip it as you complete sit-ups to add more resistance for greater abdominal toning. The hundreds of exercise machines on the market are expensive, complicated, and work on the general principle of resistance for building muscle. MILLIARD Medicine Balls are not expensive, are as simple as a rubber ball, and work on the same basic principle: resistance. Many trainers will concur that if something is difficult to move, keep moving it and most often, muscles will happen! MILLIARD Medicine Balls are carefully manufactured with safety and function in mind and its durable construction should provide years of satisfaction with proper use.

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